BMA President Al Norman’s Shipyard Op-Ed in the SF Business Times

BMA President Al Norman has an op-ed in the Friday, August 6th issue of the San Francisco Business Times.  In his piece, he praises Supervisors Chiu and Maxwell as well as Senator Dianne Feinstein, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mayor Newsom, Former Mayor Willie Brown, and former Board of Supervisor Aaron Peskin for their leadership on the Hunters Point shipyard development project.  He goes on to laud the community benefits of the project as a way of helping to improve the neighborhood’s existing community:

Now, a huge parcel of underutilized land can become a dynamic community that promises to be clean, affordable, recreational and livable. The hope for jobs, for economic improvement, for better housing and safer streets is real. An unprecedented 32 percent of the 10,000 planned homes are set aside for affordable housing. The developer has committed to rebuild the Alice Griffith public housing development as the project progresses, and to ensure that residents can move directly from their existing units into the new complex. Tens of millions of dollars are being committed for housing assistance, workforce development, job placement, health improvements and education.

President Norman has been a huge advocate of the Shipyard Project from the beginning and is excited to watch the Project build momentum as it is ushered through the final stages of the legislative approval process. To read the rest of the article, please click here.


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